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Welcome to Hair Therapy I am dedicated to providing the latest hair extension techniques to help you achieve your desired look. To begin your journey with me, kindly   fill out our New Guest Form and I will respond promptly. I am honored to assist you with your hair needs and look forward to serving you."

Hair Extension



Thin or thinning Hair? 

Combline HAIR ON HAIR ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM makes your hair thicker and fuller. 


Combline hair extensions are for everyone who has ever dreamed of hair extensions in their bangs, crown partline or anywhere else traditional extensions are not designed to be applied. 


Completely undetectable and easy to care for, combline is applied by Certified Only Combline experts using a medical grade adhesive blending perfectly  with your natural  hair, giving  you the confidence and peace of mind like no other system.


The best part the hair sheds with your natural hair, so no removal and resew needed just fills every 4-6 weeks! 

For thicker and fuller hair with every visit.


Who is the perfect combline candidate? Anyone suffering from thin or thinning hair.

•Thinning hair due to medical condition 

 - cancer treatment, thyroid issues, covid hairloss, weightloss medication,  etc...

•Postpartum hairloss

• Menopausal hairloss

•Perimenopausal hairloss

 •Genetic hair thinning

• Thin/ fine hair in general

•Hair splitting 

•Anyone with existing hair extensions  that may be hard to hide and need the perimeter or crown filled in (hybrid method)


Beaded Row

Beaded row hair extensions present an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to add volume and length to their hair. These extensions are simple to install and a lifespan of several months with proper upkeep. With a diverse range of colors and styles available, beaded row extensions offer a versatile and fashionable option for those looking to elevate their natural hair.

Move ups required every 4-8 weeks. Shampooing no more than 2-3 times a week, and is perfect for anyone who loves a high pony!

I have had 3 different types of extensions now and these are by far the most comfortable and easy to take care of!


Grace C   ~ About Combline

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